“Microfinance Organization Georgian Capital” offers to receive financing without collateral

  General conditions of the loan:
• Loan amount up to 5 000 GEL
• Annual interest rate – 30%-36%
• Annual effective interest rate – to 50%
• Loan term: up to 36 months
• Loan currency: GEL
• Loan security: not required
• Co-borrower: 1

Loan coverage:
• Coverage of principal and interest

Loan approval procedure:
• Fill in the form of the Consumer Loan application (the application can be filled in at the specified web page link, as well as in our branches)
• Interviewing and providing the necessary documents
• Decision making by the credit committee

Issue of a loan:
• Commission for the loan – 3%

• The identity of the borrower
• Co-identity card
• Statement of salary and a statement of salary from the bank for the last 6 months of both the borrower and co-borrower
• At the discretion of the decision of the Credit Committee, additional documents may be required

Loan Application